Piglet prestarter has a higher crude protein content to facilitate for rapid development in the piglet’s life during this stage and is preferably fed to piglets after weaning weighing an average of 10-30 kgs liveweight. The high crude protein value is essential to help in formation and development of a strong bony structure,rapid maturation of organ systems, increased vitality and immunity of the piglets against infections that may arise in this period. Many problems are experienced after weaning some of which include stunted growth, osteomalacia & osteoporosis and prevalence of infections due to contaminated feed (afflatoxins). our well selected and analyzed formulation will guarantee your piglets faster weight gains and robust health which will ensure optimum levels of animal welfare.

Prestarter Feeds Formulation

PreStarter Mix
Item Kgs
Maize germ 0
Maize meal 240
Wheat brain 40
Salclean 1
Pre Starter Concentrate 150
Total (Kgs) 431

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