Modern Integrated feeds limited

MODERN INTEGRATED FEEDS LIMITED was established in the year 2012 specializing in pig and layer chicken production. The pig and layers farm are located in Nyandarua, kipipiri and Nairobi, kiamumbi respectively. Our main aim of starting the farm was to evolve from conventional farming to modern innovative farming techniques and to commercialize the farming ventures into agribusiness models with higher return on investments within the shortest possible production cycles.


Develop and produce modern agribusiness solutions for optimum production and sustainable economic development of agribusiness ventures.


Global preference in biotechnology applied to animal nutrition, welfare and animal health.

Through the constraints we have been facing ever since the initiation of the farm, some of which include:

  • poor quality of feed in the regional markets and inconsistent quality of raw materials
  • diminishing land sizes and hence need for space maximization.
  • Improved animal welfare.
  • Proper farm organization.

Our Sourcing Partner

A need to source for alternatives to counter this challenge therefore was necessary in order to enable us run the enterprises successfully. In our unquenchable desire to maximize on scale of production after a thorough research of the global market trends we came across a partner who satisfied our need from Belgium GROBEL INTRACO N.V products. After thorough scrutiny and a few visits to farmers using their products we opted to import the first consignment for our local use. Basically, we settled for Grobel mainly because of the following reasons:

  1. outstanding consistent quality guarantee for each product always.
  2. Raw materials are thoroughly analyzed to determine the exact nutritional content before each recipe is formulated.
  3. Grobel has specifically formulated rations for each stage of development taking advantage of each stage of growth to achieve maximum potential.
  4. Consistent growth rate and healthy animals.
  5. Feed recipe that fits with locally available raw materials.

Our diminishing land sizes due to population pressure also opened our eyes to modern farming equipments both for poultry and pigs. We are dealers in modern layer chicken cages and for pig farmers we supply building pen materials and modern feeding systems that maximize on feed intake with zero losses of feed.some of the products include:

  • Concrete and plastic slates for improved hygiene on the floor of the pig sty for growing pigs of all sizes.
  • Hot steel galvanized steel parts and guard rails.
  • Grilled fences to offer pigs more comfort and express their natural behaviour.
  • Stainless-steel double-sided feeders also available; easy to install and are fully automated.

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