To achieve a good animal welfare with optimum productivity levels proper animal husbandry practices, proper nutrition, appropriate bio security measures, disease surveillance and management its very essential to provide comfortable housing facilities to the animals in order to reap maximum benefits from them.

Animal welfare should encompass a suitable environment, eat a suitable diet, allowed to exhibit normal behavior patterns ,be housed with or apart with other animals and protect them from pain injury and diseases. Good animal housing should be able to provide optimum conditions for/if productivity is to be achieved. Quality factors such as waste management, control of irrating insects which are disease vectors, resting/nesting areas for resting and odor should be controlled. In our quest to provide the most suitable environment  for our livestock we ventured into modern farming equipment to capitalize on the diminishing land sizes and maximize on production.

We are importers of a range of equipment’s ranging from;

Modern Layer Battery Chicken Cages

Modern layer battery chicken cages (fully automated): maximizes on the space available for chicken up to three times compared to…

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Farrowing Crates For Pigs

Farrowing crates for pigs; which have zero mortalities from crushing and better hygiene levels are observed…

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Weaner Pens

Weaner pens for your grower pigs offering better comfort, waste management, odorless pens and clean healthy pigs…

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Concrete And Plastic Slates For Flooring

Concrete and plastic slates for flooring; they are perforated this means that waste sips to the bottom as soon as its dropped maintaining…

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Hot Steel Galvanized Parts And Rail Guards

Hot steel galvanized parts and rail guards for partitioning; they have almost nil maintenance costs since they are rust free and have a long…

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Stainless Steel Double Sided Feeder

Stainless steel double sided feeder; easy to install and is fully automated. Feeding your pigs ad libitum to their fill with no wastage of feeds…

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