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Modern Integrated feeds limited was started in the year 2012 to practice commercial farming in poultry and pigs production. We operate two farms that utilize modern farming methods for poultry and pigs in Kiambu County and Nyandarua County respectively.

Our goals at Modern Integrated feeds limited is to help farmers through the country to venture in to meaningful commercial farming that give return on their investment through modern farming methods. We advice farms on adapting modern farming practices that utilize farm equipment that help in keeping their farms clean, well organize and increase efficiency when feeding the animals.


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We supply highly nutritious poultry feeds…

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We supply highly nutritious piggery feeds

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We supply modern farm equipment…

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At Modern Integrated feeds limited we understand that your choice of agricultural equipment should always enhance your production speed and efficiency, and in turn your bottom line. It for this reason that we supply high quality equipment that are durable and made with the right material to ensure the safety.

Our goal is to help farmers make a nutritionally balanced and cost-effective animal feed. We supply concentrate for use in making highly nutritional animal feeds or complete mixed animal feeds depending on the customers requirements.

The cost efficient of modern farming is to gain maximum profitability and production in your farm by utilizing modern farming practices. Adopting modern farming methods, ensure cost efficient in your farm by eliminating unnecessary spending through proper planning of your farm operations. We offer a one stop shop for poultry and pig farming equipment and animal feeds for a smooth operation of your farm from construction to production allowing to focus on other important matters in your farm.


We are really excited about numbers, but not for the sake of themselves.
Numbers help us make do better choices, do more and get better results in improving our client’s businesses.


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