Poor nutritional value on your sows can result to many inconveniences to your breeding herd. Challenges such as poor milk letdown, sow/gilt body emaciation, longer parity intervals attributed by longer periods taken by the sows to return to heat after weaning, still births and poor litter sizes. Fertilac sow is nutritionally balanced with a good amino acid profile to counter problems related to nutrition in the breeding sows. For a sow to yield a good litter size its in order for the farmer to provide well balanced feed to be able to take care of their body maintenance, ovullate a significant number of ova(18-20),conceive and  facilitate sober foetal development ,be able to farrow without dystocia as well produce enough milk for the litter. Through the innovative capability of the nutritionists fertilac sow is a superior feed solution for your breeding herd to unlock and maximize on the potential of your breeding stock for optimum breeding objectives.

Fat pig 5% also requires inclusion of other protein raw materials to be able to boost the protein % to 20% which is recommended for breeding sows. Raw materials most suitable to complete this feed are soy bean and sunflower whose quality should also be quite uncompromised.

All our concentrates need to be mixed with maize, maize flour and bran to make it a whole balanced meal.The inclusion quantities are specified in our formulation guides provided for each type of concentrate to formulate a total mixed ration which is ready to feed to your livestock. A 50 kg bag of the concentrate will formulate 250 kgs of ready to feed meal which is very economical to use and its quality is always guaranteed always to ensure maximum gains in your production cycles.

Fertilac Sow Gestating Feed Formulation

Sow Gestating  Mix
Item Kgs
Maize Germ 95
Milled Maize 257.5
Wheat Bran 72.5
Salclean 0
Starter Concentrate 75

Fertilac Lactating Sow Feed Formulation

Sow Lactating  Mix
Item Kgs
Maize Germ 95
Maize Meal 245
Wheat Bran 60
Acidomix 0
Fertilac Sow Concentrate 100

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