Every farmer’s desire is to achieve optimum ideal weights and top-quality carcass with lower back fat levels in order to harvest a good return on investment after slaughter. During the finishing period a limit to the pig’s energy intake should be observed and increase on the crude protein content % in order to achieve a higher lean meat %with minimal fat deposits on the carcass at slaughter which is

The consumers preference. Fat pig has a unique recipe to achieve appropriate desired weights and top quality carcass with less fat within the shortest feasible time. Highly recommended for muscle toning and finishing, strong and prolific boars, lower backfat levels and superior quality carcass. Its fed to pigs weighing 45 kgs upto the desired market weights. The greatest competitive advantage is that pigs eat less feed and the gains are incredible therefore making the venture more profitable to the farmers. Its enriched with L-lysine which is a precursor protein. Lysine is of very economical and nutritional requirement in the pigs diet since other amino acids cannot combine correctly to form muscle protein. For this reason lysine is known as the first limiting amino acid. This means that the amount of protein (e.g for muscle) that animals can make is limited by the amount of lysine in their diet. Therefore, the inclusion of lysine in fat pig is keenly observed to guarantee top notch finishers and a happy farmer!

Fat pig 5% requires the inclusion of other protein sources and therefore its usage should be done with much precision and its usage is recommended for farmers with access to quality raw materials. We recommend inclusion of soy bean and sunflower in the provided amounts to boost the crude protein % upto 20%.

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